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Dental Assistant • Colorado Springs, CO

Become a Dental Assistant in Colorado Springs!

The field of dental assisting is a popular and ever-growing career path. If you’re a friendly “people person” who enjoys helping others, it could be the perfect fit for your strengths too! Better yet, it’s never been easier to get started than trusting your education in the hands of Assist To Succeed. Our 10-week Saturday program makes it very convenient to receive all of the dedicated training that will stand the test of time and put your best foot forward towards a fulfilling new job as a dental assistant in Colorado Springs, CO. 

What Dental Assistants Do

Dental assisting students observing dental treatment

When describing an assistant’s job duties, it’s pretty self-explanatory – they provide valuable assistance to the dentist and the other team members! As a result, no two days are ever identical. Depending on the type of dental office you’re working at (a general dental office or a specialty dentistry practice), you may be required to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Assisting the hygienist and/or dentist during various procedures
  • Assisting with important lab work, which includes the creation of temporary crowns/bridges and dental impressions
  • Capturing dental X-rays and intraoral photography
  • Preparing all of the necessary tools for a checkup and/or procedure
  • Scheduling upcoming appointments, collecting new patient paperwork, and other administrative duties
  • Applying dental sealants for children and adults
  • Applying fluoride treatment to help strength tooth enamel

The Future of Dental Assisting

Dental assisting students and instructor in dental exam room

When it comes to the future of dental assisting, the research is overwhelmingly positive! Trained assistants have the ability to work in a wide variety of different settings, from hospital clinics to oral surgery offices to general practices. You may even find a position as part of a public dental office that offers dedicated treatment for at-risk patients. After a few years of hands-on experience, many assistants choose to become instructors or pursue related careers like dental hygiene. In the next 10 years, it’s expected that job opportunities in this field will grow by almost 20%! In comparison, average employment growth typically tops out at around 7%. Once you’ve finished our course, you’ll definitely be in high demand!

The Perks of the Job

Class of dental assisting students

In addition to the rapid growth of the dental assisting industry, there are a number of other valuable perks that brand-new graduates from Assist To Succeed can look forward to, including:

  • Excellent pay after the completion of a relatively short and convenient training period
  • Optimal benefits packages that can only be found in the oral healthcare field
  • Flexible schedules that make managing a good work/life balance easier than ever